Joyful Noise Homeschool Music Program - Rome

Joyful Noise Homeschool Music Program - Rome

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Our long term goal for our Strings program is to offer several levels of instruction from Beginner Strings to Chamber/Symphony Orchestra.

At each level, different music types and styles are explored while skills and technique are being sharpened. Unlike public or private school orchestral students who have the opportunity to practice together daily or several times per week, our students are highly motivated, are encouraged to spend a great deal of time at home practicing, and are ready for the opportunity to perform mid-year and year-end.
Beginner Strings

Instructor:  Elisabeth Peulausk

The Beginner Strings class offers instruction for violin, viola, and cello. This class is for students with little or no musical training on their instrument, or those trained in Suzuki, but not yet reading music fluently. To participate in Beginner Strings, students must be at least 6 years old and attend an Instrument Fitting.  The Instrument Fitting is a time for your child to see the different instruments under the direction of trained personnel.  With the information gathered at this time, we are better able to determine what instrument your child would enjoy playing, based on their aptitude, abilities, and desire. Every effort is made to ensure your child’s success. If you already have an instrument, please bring it to the fitting.

Required Materials:  instrument, music stand, pencil, Essential Elements–Book 1.

Intermediate Beginner and Advanced Beginner Strings

Instructor:  Elisabeth Peulausk

The Intermediate Beginner Strings and Advanced Beginner Strings classes offer instruction for violin, viola, and cello and are available for those students who have played at least one year on their instrument and demonstrate a basic playing proficiency. These classes will work on skills necessary to play in an orchestra, while continuing to polish techniques such as intonation and posture. These classes will seek to play advanced beginner to intermediate levels of string orchestra repertoire. Auditions are required for all students seeking to be enrolled in these classes.

Required Materials:  instrument, music stand, pencil, Essential Elements - Book 2.

Audition Requirements:

In order to advance from the Beginner class to the Intermediate Beginner class:

- G Major scale from memory. Start on the open G string and play one octave (until the G that is on the D string, which differs depending on what instrument you play) and then back down. All quarter notes.

- Play #142.

In order to advance from the Intermediate Beginner class to the Advanced Beginner class:

- A Major scale from memory. Begin with the 1st finger on the G string and play two octaves (until the 3rd finger on the E string) and then back down. All quarter notes. Remember to use low 2s and high 3s.

- Play #43 and #79.


Things that we are looking for in order to move to a higher level class:

- Correct posture while sitting
- Left hand position (wrist open, fingers on their tips)
- Bow hand
- Correct notes
- Steady beat
- Correct rhythms
- Correct slurs and bowing
- Fingers on their tapes
- Remember to pay attention to any possible low second fingers (for violins)!

Stringsational is an outside opportunity to further your playing ability.